Gay Friends.

I came out at a very young age. I've been known to be mature for my age and come off strong. I've lived a well life being strongly independent. I've worked hard and played hard. I have had relationships that were life changing and some that have crashed and burned. At the end of the day, I don't regret anything I've done. The only regret I have is not really holding a close relationship with another man (not a BF).

I mean, why is it so hard to make a friend? I question my self, am I ugly? Am I not 'cool' or 'gay enough'. And what about this unsettling feeling that all gays are trying to be better than the other? Then there is the occasional gay that only wants to hook up. Nope.

I'm not artsy indie hipster, a bear, a cub, a raver, etc...

In the end, I know who I am. I'm a friendly, honest, and noble person who stays true to his friends and family. Has being humble 'handicap' me?

MijoMadrigal MijoMadrigal
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Hey, usually a good way of making an introduction, but a bit overused = P if you'd like someone to talk to I'm free, ill write you a message.

Thank you! =D

If you live here in Idaho, I would like to meet you since you and I are looking for the same thing. I am also gay and in that world considered to be eye candy (so I hear but that's not what matters). When I am out in my town locally to just make a new friend or two a few things often happen. If the new friend is also gay they fall in love with me and become disappointed then eventually run. If I meet a straight friend, they have a hard time getting over the complex that I might hit on them. <br />
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Now that being said, I have managed to find a few good friends out of multitudes of failures, and I am very thankful for their uninhibited friendship. All I want to do with my friends is have fun together, I've a little well tooled workshop I enjoy sharing. I love backyard fires and the fun chatter that goes with it. I just want to enjoy my time with a few good friends, it's all I am really after and it is amazing how hard that is to achieve. <br />
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I have always had a mind beyond my age, often, I am accused of being an "Old Soul" which is fine with me. I strongly value a friend who can be honest to me, that is a major positive in what I hope to find.<br />
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You would fit the desc<x>ription of the type of friend I wish to find, not trying to get in my pants, just enjoying our time as friends. <br />
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Being humble is your strength, when a friend sticks with you it's for the long run.