Quick Resume Of My Sexuality Development.

Heres's what happened to me:

1) Age of 14
I got full awareness of what sexual impulse is. Percepted myself as straight.

2) Age of 16
I started to get curious about male erotic stuff, Worries and conflict started here. Started to suppose I was actually gay, struggled and hoped it not to be the case .

3) Age of 20
I entered gnosticisim, which made me try to "revert to straight". The conflict got outrageous.

4) Age of 24
Four years totally wasted. I managed to escape from gnosticism's grasp.
I accepted myself as bi.

5) Age of 26
I'm no longer in big conflict, I plan to "come out". My sexuality's status fully confirmed to be 5 (Kinsey's Scale). I'm male and I'm happy with the sex I was born. I became fully aware of being emotionally sensitive, and practically gay.

That's all for it. All comments are welcome, I'd be happy to know what do you people think.
Kylox Kylox
26-30, M
3 Responses Feb 8, 2013

god loves u for who you are it doesnt matter if u r gay/ bi/ or straight just be a nice person thats all what god wants. be happy and live your life.

It's a Great Time to BE Gay & Out!

Thank you for sharing that well structured development outline. Kinda fascinating.

No, Thank YOU for reading my story :)