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It would help to know more gay guys like me. Just to talk to someone that understands what im going through and ****. It would help if i knew more gay guys in real life that wernt girls. I dont understand how im one of the few in my school thats just a normal gay guy. Just a guy and thats it.  the guys that are out of the closset other than me are girls or might as well be. But If you feel like hittin me up go for it. Just friends, talkin.

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hi there I am in a civil partnership with my fella we been together for a few years now, we are straight acting, not into camp acting. it can be hard being in the gay community but if you got people to talk to who are going through same **** as you it helps, we have had a lot of **** cos we gay etc.<br />
Drop us a line say hi and may be chat more.<br />
Wayne xx

I know how you guys feel. I don't think that just becasue we're gay we should be more fem. If anything we're more masculine. That's what we like, that's what attracts us. <br />
There's nothing wrong with being fem, but it doesn't mean that you have to be. <br />
I think it's all about "roll models". A lot of gay guys think that just becasue they're gay, that they have to be more fem, because that's what they see. I think they're just seeing what's on TV and in the movies. We aren't naturally less masculine than str8 men and we don't have to be, we can just be who and what we are. If the "gay" ideal is to be yourself, than just be that. Don't try to be someone you're not and appreciate both sides of your personality, the feminine and masculine.

Well most of the thing that people mentioned in the comment are very true, especially what 'FriendlyStranger' said, It's harder for a 'straight acting' gays to come out, I mean it's funny whenever I told one of my best friend, who happened to be homophobic, that I am gay, and he kept ignoring it and kept saying no you are not gay, I have mentioned it 3 times and he still don't want to believe it, and some other people that I said I like Men, they were all like you are joking, "bring your girlfriend next time okay?" and I said I told you I like men, but still at the end of conversation she would say "Come on stop joking", so I would be like Fine whatever you want to think about me then. OH and I just came out to my friends but not everyone 3 months ago.

Not all gay guys are like that. Hit me up my man if you wanna chat.

hey guys, just joined this group, I am gay also and would like to find someone who I can have a conversation with on here that does not involve Size, America's next top ANYTHING, or brittney... can someone help me please? lol

i can totally relate, im just a regular guy who just happens 2 be gay. most of my friends r girls, but i do have some guy (straight) friends, but there r some things i cant talk about with them. but i agree with bettyvalentine, there r other gay guys out there, we just dont know about them yet.<br />
Thank u to the founder of this group, its really nice 2 b able 2 talk about these things with others who share the same experience.


ya i feel like if i was to go out with a guy it would be wit some flaming guy. But in this town i doubt theirs much gay guys that are normal guys and are my age. sucks.... but watever.

I dont understand this idea as well. Im gay, but supposedly im a very "straight" looking guy, and I act "completely straight". I didnt know that if you were gay you HAD to act femm. or flamming or whatever. Im just me. Like i said, whenever I tell anyone that im gay, they're jaw just drops and they think I just made a joke or something, its really annoying because just because your gay doesnt mean you have to act like a woman<br />
<br />
brad pretty much sumed up everything I would tell you...I am all for being yourself and all of that good stuff, but why does it seem like an impossible task to meet a gay guy, who acts like a regular guy, but just wants to be friends? hahaha, sounds a little difficult actually. Wierd...sometimes I hate the fact that im gay because I feel like I have to spend the rest of my life with a metro or divo kind of guy

I guess just being youself is the main thing. not carring what people think or feel about you is their problem. im glad you shared this. it made me realize just be your self.

hello. my name is brad. im gay. i know how you feel about the whole feminine aspect of some gay men. i think our society puts a stereotype out that to be gay is to be some over the top, fashion conscience, well groomed, priscy, ***** diva that is superficial, shallow and fake. <br />
<br />
for me, ive been on both sides of the fence. when i was still in the closet i was ver masculine, had lots of straight frineds, and did many staright things. i was always very liberal and artisitic, and didnt hold standards on how a guy should or shouldnt be. but when i cam out, i moved to seattle and in the city i was surrounded by the "femmy" gay guys that youre talking about. i was stupid and thought i needed to be more like them so i started acting more girly. but i knew taht wasnt me. now im 23, and i feel i know who i am better.i dont act any way, im jsut me. that doesnt mean im a total butch man, or a comlete flamer. but i i wouldnt call my self a girly gay guy at all. many people dont even know im gay. just thought id share that with you.

i know angel. i know.