I need more gay friends! In fact, all of my friends arent gay! So I need gay friends. Im in Kentucky and its very rural, and its hard for "straight" people to understand what its like to be gay.

Tazchi Tazchi 26-30, M 10 Responses Mar 4, 2009

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i'm a lesbian in cornwall, uk. i'm poor, unemployable, isolated, stuck. people around here mostly seem just very afraid to dare say anything about their sexualities, i think. not that there's a big wave of hate crime or anything... just that people seem unwilling to open up. in general.

so you know... i don't know anyone, can't get out socially, have nobody to talk to, etcetera.

so um... add me too, i guess? i really need gay friends in real life where i live, but at least while i can't have them in real life, i do enjoy talking to people online. recently i am quite emotionally unstable about it all, just so you're aware of that. i finally got some councelling sessions but i really can't see how they could possibly help (still going to take them anyway of course - can't hurt).

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It's also difficult living as I do in a geographically small nation like Trinidad & Tobago, where so many persons are matchingly "small-minded." I know how you feel Tazchi. Let's talk sometime.

thanks, will drop a line lol. Its still used around here.

Trust me when I say that all of your friends aren't completely straight, cause who is? But I know what you mean. We all need a compatible and sympathetic ear just to talk to, vent, laugh or cry. Try gay friendly community centers or if thats not possible where you live the internet is another option.

As for myself I have really understanding friends, who just happen to be straight. But I would love to have more friends who share the same life experiences of being gay. So there's my comment, feel free to drop a line if ya need an understanding "penpal". If that term is even still used... Lol.

Yes,till ends of time ignorance..BA hum bug..WoW! How did u know i collect bears he's so sweet think of u each time i see him..((HUGS)) oh yes i agree..glad u are here..

Sincerely LCW

hey im your new gay friend! intolerance is going to be everywhere we go. I also feel like this place has welcomed me with open arsm and am also glad we are friends. Im sorry to hear that, losing a pet is like losing a member of your family.. cause they are family



I'm ur new lesbian friend,even in my city is still intolerance,(This is a big major city)now i come here i feel more embraced ,Glad we are friends sorry about ur loss,i too lost a dear pet as u..sincerely LCW

I live in a town thats not really that small, but its not large either, but i am fortunate enough 2 have some really good friends.

Living in a small town sucks. i know how it feels. Like theres no one like you? just relax and be your self... cant ha? sorry if that was kinda depressing. :)