Heres the Plan....

So scince everyone in this group needs more gay friends to support eachother and talk to why dont we start? Everyone in this groupp should all just start a conversation with someone. Not sexually (well if you want, lol) but just to talk and get to know eachother and get that damn lonely feelin away. there are many of us that live in small towns with small minded people (am one of them) so talking on the internet will defanetly relieve that "no one underastands me" feeling...


So how about it?

tomtombear tomtombear
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i'm 30, lesbian, live in uk, very isolated, emotionally kinda cracking up, but then sad thing is i've kinda got used to feeling a bit mental. just want it to stop. just want an opportunity to live. so yeh... stuff i say might sometimes be a bit weird what with the moods i get these days. tears flow presently.<br />
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caged party animal, jackal in a rat cage, large heart in a small ribcage. tried psuedosynaesthesia... "this sport is my love now!"... "this interest is my love now!"... "being lazy is my love now!"... "not minding not having a love is my love now!". never works.<br />
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so very, very tired of juggling emotions. dropping them all the time, picking them back up all the time, barely managing to even throw them into the air in the first place sometimes. unable to hold them. too many, too few hands. not enough grip. skies run with streams cut across them and i'm a raindrop trying to shoulder-barge a block of metal ten galaxies away...<br />
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i'm trying to be a pro wrestler, to get away, to break out. i'm doing really well. people say i can make it, they say i have potential. it keeps me somewhat sane. nevertheless, recently my libido takes over. my heart is (still and probably always shall be) with someone on the literal other side of the planet who i'll never afford to get to, and i can't think of anything but sex. sex all the time in my brain and i am not coping.<br />
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to read this, you would probably not imagine that i am naturally bubbly and cheerful. but i am on a down wave at the moment and have yet again (for probably 10 or 12 nights in a row now) stayed up far too late for my own good.<br />
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life is crushy. :(

Im a 27yr old Bi female. I have come out to all of my fam except my grandparents. Im even out on FB even though ive never really dated a chick. I have lost some "friends" over it, but ive made some new to replace them lol <br />
if anyone wants to talk im always here.

haha im new to this site so im kinda finding stuff out but all of the gay stuff is really comforting! Im a gay college student who isnt all the way out to my family and I just started coming out at the beginning of college so its cool to find some like mindedness :)

I'm on boat! I'm looking forward to hear from you all, and for now I'll say that I really am tired of being mostly gay and being lonely...

hey tomtombear,<br />
it was nyc to finally come across a place where i can talk freely and hope to be understood or at least not ridiculed..... thanks for starting this....... :-)

Hey tomtombear... <br />
Well, I for one offer no explanation for my motives for being here as some feel the need to do (LOL)... We seem to have some experiences in common and so I reach out my hand in friendship, without strings. Cheers Brother...


well its not the family your worried about its you yourself accepting it.

I have come out fully on 1/1/10 it was hard, most of my familly new I was a cd, or maybe Bi, but I am tired of kidding myself. Life is to short.<br />
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Thank you Tom<br />

Sweeties, Darlings, I was just up to see my very best gay boy in the world and he's all grown up!! He's totally the same age as me but WRONG CITIES for like 10 years. Don't get me wrong, we vaca and everything but now it's just me (girl) and my (boyfriend) and I'm gayless... I was always in NY or LA so whatevs but Philly is a fickle little one loves me yet, just cause what the hell I rock on the STREET!

You can add me also if you want to

Hey tomtombear. Hi. I just found you here asking for more gay friends here at EP. I am an openly gay male living in Maine. We have some real small towns up here. I know what you mean. But don't be surprised if you meet some real narrow-minded people on EP as well. There isn't many of them, but they are here too. We have tons of support here from some very nice people. If you ever want to talk, I'm here for ya.

Ohh this sounds like a good idea ive always wanted to meet a lot more gays and lesbians, so you can count me in ;)

Well if you ever just want to talk feel free to message me and well anyone else on this sight. Im sher that people on here will be mature enough to have a mature conversation. We are all here to support each other. :)

thearaver, best wishes!

Hey everybody!<br />
I saw tomtom's plan, and I like it. <br />
I'm in the process of coming out to my friends and family about my bisexuality. <br />
<br />
And this looks like a good place to make some good people.<br />
<br />

ty 4 having me!

Yes we are! :D Welcome!

ok, im new 2 this group and i hope i can contribute 2 it. All of u seem like very caring and openminded ppl.

willing to be friends wit anyone but asian guys arent really my tipe i guess. :^

:D<br />
<br />

your fine buddie. :)

everyone is welcome my friend. :)

Taz- not totally out. To people that are close to me. but even if i tell them it still doesnt feel the same as talking to people that are really like minded to you. <br />
<br />
Jp- thank you :)

Hey Tom , I agree. How long have ya been out?

Its all bueno

K as long as us t-girls get to talk ! After all I still have a **** that loves sucked on! I just get hard wearing panties and a dress!

We need a new pic for this experience. show some pride. <br />
<br />
Getting kinda mad at the whole "small mindedness" thing. (if you cant tell)