I'm just not much of a 'Dude' I guess.
My ep circle is all girls even!
Not because I target them, it's just happened to be that way.

I don't have any guys I can talk to about guy stuff to though..
My brother? No way.. My dad? That'd be too weird..

I did have guy friends in school, but on to college now and I don't think I'll see any of them. And we never hung out or talked on the phone.
There was one guy who's pretty cool. We had similar things going on. He helped me get over my ex-gf. But he took something I said the wrong way and now won't talk to me. I texted him that I didn't mean it that way, but no reply.

I am bi-sexual, but I don't think I talk that way. Or act that way. Cause I try NOT to show it. And it's like that so I'm used to being "straight".
I've never been with a guy or really liked any.

Why can't I have guys friends?
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3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

You know, I'm very much the same. Well, not the bi part, but throughout my whole life, most of my friends have been female, and yeah, pretty much my whole circle on EP is women too, which when I think about it, does seem a little weird sometimes. But, like you, it just seemed to happen that way. Mind you, in my offline life, I actually have no friends at all at the moment, male or female, but I too do feel the need sometimes to seek out male friends that share similar interests and personality. Plus, being married now, I would feel far too self-conscious and uncomfortable trying to befriend any women, for fear of mis-perceptions of motives or intent.

People wouldn't accept me. My uncle is gay, and my family as a whole is okay with that. But my mom doesn't seem to like it, my brother probably wouldn't like it, my sister might not care, my dad probably would kick me out, Only 1 person here know. My closest friend. She's bi too so it's fine with her. I act straight so that it doesn't show. To everyone I'm just a sweet guy. Whose had one girlfriend. And doesn't like sports.<br />
I'm used to acting 'straight' so it reflects with how I talk.<br />
So that couldn't be why I don't have any guy friends. I suppose I DO, but they're more like acquaintances now. I have guy 'friends' but we only talked in school. Mmm..

Why do you try not to show that you're bi? You're hiding a part of yourself =/