One can never have too many ninjas as friends.

It's like a given. Especially the kind like in the group avatar.
 Although I'd trade her for a certain sexy manga any time.

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12 Responses Feb 10, 2010

A burka wearing tea drinking ninja!

Hehe true, it's actually really funny

I look like I'm wearing a burka

ayyyyy yyyaaaaa * kitti flies in , in nija suit ...flips over Mc ninja and lands silently on othere side , walks over to seat sits down in all her ninja glory ...gets her flask out and sips ap<x>pletini from flask* ...ahhh grasshopper there is much you dont know...do you have a drink mixer here ... the flask is running low =-D

What is it with people calling me inoccent lately! Im evil dammnit! hehe

Lala you should have him put up your teacup pic. I love that picture. You are an innocent ninja lol.

It's not very sexy ninja like though, the tea cup, although, you still can't see my face properly, so quite ninja like....

Do you want a tea cup ninja? Or a anykind of cup ninja?

She's not bad at all.... but not as good as oh, say, someone with a tea cup ;-)

They're sent

You want man boobs or sexy?

She don't look that sexy, imo....