Any Would Be Nice

If only I had more self confidence, I'm sure I wouldn't be in the jams that I am in today. I'm not saying I wouldn't have any troubles, but they sure wouldn't be as stupid as what they are. They are fairly serious in nature, but what makes them stupid is the fact that my lack of self confidence is what led me to make some wrong decisions in my life. I'd almost give anything to have lived my life having self confidence. I've let other people walk on me and make my decisions because I didn't have confidence enough to believe in myself. If I did at any given time, someone would be there to knock me back down, so to speak. Stupid-*** me let them, because I'd always feel like I wasn't worthy of anything better. (For lack of a better way to put it)

I've lived most of my life hoping it would get better with age. That self confidence would grow with age. Maybe it has some, but it hasn't been enough to become the person that I think is hiding deep down inside.

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This problem is in your mind, so you have to look at it as a mental situation. If you really want to fix this you have to do one of two things to speed the process up.<br />
One thing is to talk to a professional who will help you change the way you see yourself and will help change the way you think of you and your abilities. <br />
I think you can also get some help on this site. There are people here who understand what your going thru. Keep writting about what you feel and think. Soon you will have someone talking to you who can help you. I tell you this because I care and would like you to find some help. I also think you are not going to solve this problem yourself or you would have long before now. I also wish I could, but I don't think I can help you. I would be happy to talk to you though if you want. I'm usually not much good for more than a smile on here. : ) But there are some very wonderful and helpful people on this site and I love these guys. Good Luck littlemom.

Oh, I continue to keep trying. I have a lot more confidence than what I did years ago. Maybe I just don't care as much as I'm getting older.

I get what you mean, I'm not very confident atall, but what helps is doing small things that will gradually increase your confidence. Something that I once couldn't do was use public transport on my own, but I started of with getting on with people and then people would start to meet me on it, and then I would meet someone when I got off until I have the confidence to do it on my own. Fare enough it may not seem like much, but because I could do that very small thing, it made me feel like I had more confidence and that made me feel better in myself. So just try doing small things that you may find hard and they should help overall, well thats what I found anyway. :) xxx

Perhaps, for awhile, you should pretend to be that person hiding deep down inside. Maybe just in small pieces for awhile, but more and more as time goes on. Maybe pretending to be the person you feel is hiding inside you, will help you reclaim who you want to be.