One Person Could Give Me It

I never had a scrap of self confidence til I met my last boyfriend and now he's broke up with me I've never felt so ugly or unwanted, he was the only guy I've ever met that ever told me I was pretty and I was undergoing dermatology treatment to get rid of acne to try and boost my self confidence but he talked me out of it but now he doesn't want me anymore. A lot of girls have told me I'm pretty but I think maybe they just do that out of kindness :s

FlameRamirez FlameRamirez
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Hey i know extaclty how u feel me and my ex was together for a long time he knew everything about me all my issuess and flaws he made me feel perfect that is untill he cheated on me then after he cheated on me i took him bace (yes i know....dumb rite) then we finally broke up after going back and forth and after the brake up i felt like i wasnt good enough for him but now i relaize that i was perfect be for he got in to my life and i well be fine now that he isnt n my life no more dont worry u will fine better to...... he probably didnt deserve u any way.... i wrong for thinking that i needed him n my life to make me happy and feel good about myself because all i need is me plus my family! so dont even trip.:) u r beautiful!!!

Oh so helping others helped you? I guess thats a good way to make yourself feel better : ) it's not for me though, I'm too lazy and apathetic, and I know that's selfish :s it's friday night and my sister doesn't want bothered, my ex is enjoyin his weekend free of me and I've contacted every single one of my friends and they're all "busy" what a surprise(!) well I'm away to the off license...