I was bullied a lot in middle school, probably because of the way I dressed and how I acted. It really took a toll on my self esteem. Now I doubt everything I do and I hate that. I'm working on it though.
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we all walk our own path in life so do not doubt yourself as those that mock are so weak that they need everyone else to be like them

Hello there,
I loved the titles of your stories. I confess that I have not read many, because I am just trawling through EP, looking.
But, don't let the bullies get you down. It is very easy, at my age of 79, to say that, but usually bullies are very inadequate or unhappy people who look around for a sensitive person to take it out on.
I hope that you have at least one good friend. That could make all the difference. But you can find friends on EP, too.

Peter xx

I saw your picture and you look really pretty you shouldn't care what other think about you.


The most important thing is not to give up. Keep it simple and let it grow within you. You have more power than you realize.

Good Luck

Bare Hugs

Hi Lauren, You were the one who noticed my error, and to help me, you brought it to my attention. I fixed it and I am thanking you for telling me.

To relate this exchange to your need for self confidence, I assure you, pointing out the error to me was a step in the right direction. You are smart and observant to catch that. Apply your talent in your life each day the best way you can, and soon you will feel your self esteem and confidence rising!

That's all you can do. Work on it and believe in yourself :)

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Well, now days you can control how you dress outside the workforce and to an extent when at work. If you don't have to wear a uniform, classy, tasteful business attire can be very attractive and sexy on a woman. Doubting everything you do is a human trait. We all go through it at times, even though some wouldn't admit to it. But just when you think you aren't doing it right, you might just notice your getting a stolen look or double take from someone or wink as they walk by that lets you know... you're doing it right, girl.

Keep up the good work ! Remember you are unique and special ! people talking about you etc. it means they are jealous of you ! walk with your head help high babe! hugs