Doesn't Everybody?

Sure seems that way. Yet with everybody needing more sex, why is it so hard to find a willing partner. Seems like half of my life has been spent chasing women for sex--and not always successfully. When I discovered that I was bi and could enjoy sex with men too, I at first thought I had it made. Especially since I was much more interested in being a bottom than a top. After all, don't all men want a blow job? And don't all of them like anal sex? Turns out I was wrong there too. There seem to be a lot more men that want to give ******** than receive them. And a lot more bottoms than tops. Why am I always looking for the scarcest ones?
RayanneA RayanneA
56-60, M
2 Responses May 4, 2012

You have to look into my pants! There you will find the magic stick to make you the happiest woman on Earth! I am to please. I am not pleased until you are. I love to eat you out and to lick and kiss you from head to toe. I can give you more details later when you contact me directly. I don't *** until you *** and I will do everything and more to please your every desire! You can't eat good food until you first light the fire...of love! I will stay up...until I hear from you again. It is too hard to put down what you did not cause to *** up! Only you can put it down after it has *** up just for you and because of you! Your move. So whatcha gonna do Rayanne? Your pleasure is mine!

You have to look in the right places. Contact me.

And where might those places be?