Same Guy For 6 Years

We have had sex 4x this year; its almost inhumane. I want it everyday!!!!
How do I get him to give it to me NOW!?
desiresbdsmlike50shades desiresbdsmlike50shades
31-35, F
5 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Read about your troubles can't say much to his ******* up and not pleasing you like you should be I mean I make sure a lady is pleased by eating her till she does several times. I'm a bdsm master and even that's to cruel for me. But if you ever want some release hit me up.

i understand you need satisfaction and having a real man take charge in doing that

Maybe he has to work less.

No we haven't talked about his libido! Although he would find that repulse of me to think there was a problem with him. He is 34 and has 3 children, works a lot, and then wants to eat and sleep. He would have no problem at all if I was to PLEASE him all the time, but he has no intrest in returning ANY pleasure whatsoever. I am in the midst of dreaming about 50 shades of grey as my desire grows every second and I have nowhere or no one to turn to. Touching myself everyday is not what I am looking foward to for the rest of my life.

Ouch that is difficult. Have you talked about his libdo? Is there something that is physically wrong with him or is it your distance?