This Has Been One Of Those Weeks...

I have had a very hectic and demanding week and with that, sleep has been choppy. I am so sleepy right now, and my day is only half-way over. I am also feeling a bit lonely... With a week like this (which wasn't bad, just super busy), I could really use a sleep buddy. There is nothing better than to have a great night sleep, lying next to a wonderful man, who holds you, snuggles up with you, you rest your head on his chest, he kisses your forehead before he rolls over to continue sleeping- no rush to get up, no alarm clocks to scare you awake, no appoints you have to rush off to... just a great, restful, peaceful, loving night sleep (or nap) laying next to the love of your life.

So, I guess I'll just have to settle for a few extra hours (by myself- with my doggie) tonight since its the weekend, baby!

aniave aniave
31-35, F
Oct 9, 2009