The Dark Things

With out love there is no relationship, but there is more needed than that. Its something that creates a strong bond between two people, but it could also ruin it forever. The thruth about your past, your presant. There are things all of us have done that we wish we could take back, forget or even go and fix, but the only way to really be with that other is to tell them. Their worst fear, their pain and the pain they have causes others. As a woman, it means more than i can say, if my other shares something with me that he has kept locked in his heart, that he absolutly never wanted to tell me in fear of what I would think... no matter how bad it is i find that my love and connection with him only grows stronger, only increases with every stroke and kiss. Letting the other in on your deepest most hard past makes their bond with you stronger. i dont know why that is for everyone, but when you finally let it go, when you have shared it the love only grows more deep.

There is always a chance with this, if the other cannot accept you after you have told her, then your love was never strong enough to survive in the first place. You can never really love someone for who they are, all of who they are untill you become apart of their past. Its a dark place to be, full of termoil and hurt, but if you love them then you will be able to say the right words feel their pain and know there heart, and you will do that because they made your man the amazing part of you that he is. Its the dark things that make you unbreakable, the wounds and scars that make you the pair you are. even if he hasent told you yet dont give up on him. it may hurt him much more deeply than you would even like to travle, but if you love him. Then you will run to him with open arms.... no matter what it is.  

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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Correct, but make sure you are doing it for yourself first. Then make the moment for yourself by loving yourself the way you want to be loved. Then when Love happens it has a greater chance of lasting. Please do not go for something that does not feed your spirit, body, and mind in a healthy, sustainable way. This life is short and what our parents did not teach us is how to make the most of this life. By creating a strong, protective, and sustainable Self Love you can stop looking at and holding on to situations that cannot sustain your life efforts. You can get your life and control of that life back.<br />
<br />
It starts by learning to Love the Breath of Life & Love within you. It also means protecting the Temple ( your body) of your life and spirit because of that Love. <br />
Once you learn how to Love yourself from the inside out .. not the outside in nothing will ever again make you risk yourself for such a small or nothing return. Your new self Love will give you the safety, Love and Protection like no other enity on Earth can give you. This will put you in control of yourself, your life and your life situations. <br />
Hugs and Much Love, livingwell