Seriously I Do

 i was doing so good for  about a month then i just started slacking on everything ... i think it has alot to do with how the weather is to though cause right after i cool down  i like to take a walk with the kids and keep my pace up ...    i need to start eating like i was too and drinking more water .. somehow im drinking two  n half pots of coffee again ...  where did my ambition go ??  i need it back !! please help me figure out where i misplaced it ???  AMBITIIIIOOOON  WHEEEEEERE  ARE  YOU ????
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
1 Response Apr 19, 2007

thank for the comment it really helped me today! it brought tears to my eyes because you are so right! i know how u feel i was doing so fine to then suddenly everything start falling to pieces..I think we need to learn to use the skill mind over matter, because i think your negative thoughts are covering up your ambition!! i need to learn to control my thoughts