Back In the Saddle Again!

I finally swallowed by pride and signed up for Weight Watchers. I lost 2 pounds the first week, and this last week i lost .2 pounds (but i was REALLY bad over the weekend). After about a month (OK maybe 2 month) hiatus, i finally got my fat *** back on the machine that simulates running - kind of like a treadmill but instead of a path to run on you place your feet on flat peddles and move them as you run. ANYHOW - i call it "the machine" and i finally got up the nerve to go to the gym in my apartment complex and get on it again. It wasn't really that bad, i made it to 200 calories burned after 46 minutes at level 2. i was pretty sweaty but felt really good that i finally went. it's also a good way to clear my head and get some alone time. i love my fiance but sometimes i just want to kill him. well, strangle at least. If you like SKA music, i totally recommend working out to the Aquabats! hmmm i guess that's it for now, nothing inspirational or deep but i had to share i'm actively working on me again. cheers, ^..^ ~
isolatedkitty isolatedkitty
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3 Responses Jun 11, 2007

I love the Aquabats! Also I agree that working out to them would be fun. What a pace they set!

Congrats!! I know how hard it is to just get started. I went to weight watchers too. I really loved it. Lost a bunch of weight and I feel so much better about myself. Good luck. You can do it.

Hooray! I need to get my butt out running again too. I have to keep telling myself that I can just spend half an hour out, and I will feel better. A TV show takes linger than half an hour on most occasions. It helps to put it in that perspective. Still hard to get the motivation though!