Don't Know What to Do

How can you tell someone that you care about them and be disrespectful, and rude, and get pissed-off, for no real reason at all?? How can you bring someone you "love" to tears and not even care or apologize afterwards, and worse of all not even feel that you did something wrong?  You know it's funny, because if all these things would happen within that first month or two, you'd be gone.  The relationship would be over, and you wouldn't be hurting a year+ into the relationship because now you can't just turn around and walk out.  There's too many feelings involved now.  But at the same time, is good that we wait to show those "true colors"? Because then no one would ever stay in a relationship, or would you? Well, I don't know, I just lost myself again (common thing for me!) in my thoughts, so I'll be done for now...

that1girloverthere that1girloverthere
Feb 21, 2009