Handy Indeed

I'd like a manual which would tell me how to re-set myself ... or alternatively and even better ... wouldn't it be great if you could press "ctrl, alt, delete" and then you'd have the chance to set yourself back to a particular point in time before all the crap started happening ... ??

Life's an adventure, that's for sure ... but sometimes a way to go back a step or two seems such a good idea!!
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Wouldn't that just be wonderful, you could delete your mistakes having learnt on the way. Perhaps it's the hindsight button :)

yes, that's a good name for it!!

This would be a useful function. I concur with ShakespeareSonnet - even a pause button would help...

I'd love a reset or Delete feature....I could also use defrag....putting all my ditzy thoughts in the right places... :O

I've thought this myself a few times. & I'd rather like a pause button too! :)


you don't have that on your keyboard DEG?

On my keyboard yes. I want that for me!! ;-p

Right smack in the middle of my forehead.

haha ... yes, it would be nice wouldn't it ... go back a few steps ... decades even!

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I'd love a delete button. Sometimes humility of admitting mistakes sucks..lol. Would be nice to learn and delete to save myself and those involved.

that's a good point affinity ... just to be able to erase mistakes would be so much simpler and no face-saving required!!

Sort of like a task manager that resets everything when you get stuck. Yeah, I hear you. A little reboot never hurt anyone. It's a good idea. It's an excellent idea. I don't necessarily want or need to shut down, but my cache is full...

Yes indeed ... no shutdown required ... just a little reboot ... most satisfying!