Just Leave Me Be Baby Girl

Well this one friend of mine is always talking to me about the littlest things and since I've lost 2 of my best friends for the last 10years she doesn't seem to give me any space for me to reflect on the impact its having on my life. it seems just about everyday I breathe she is there in my space. I don't want her sympathy, advice or anything from her just my space. the sad thing is I feel better talking to strangers about my situation then her which I guess say alot about her.

I care for her but I wish she would back off for a while so I can breathe and pull myself together. I need some peace in my life please.

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4 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Man I feel you 120 on this... I had a guy friend... he is a good person i believe... but he does to much... always "checkin in" askin how I'm doing... tryin to be there for everything... its like your pushin yourself farther away then closer... you know what... I even told this man... I know you want to be hear I know you want to see how I'm doin but dont ask... dont say anything bout... he gonna send a note back ASKIN HOW THE **** IAM... this isnt a joke... I'm not testin you... Just do wht I asked how hard is that... so I've stopped talkin to him completely... he still sends me stuff... but I dont talk...

You never know, telling her you appreciate and love her but need a little space to pull it all together may help. I was extremely close to one of my male friends and it was becoming quite exhausting. Turns out I felt like I needed to be there because I was his best friend and his gf had dumped him, he wanted space but didn't want to hurt me. Eventually we began to talk less and it casually came up in conversation much later. We could have avoided the space issues if we had just talked about it.

I m really sorry for you. I knwo how this feels

You are absolutley right....