I Need My Own Place

I need my own place because I am sleeping on the floor of my Mother-in-law senior cit. apartment.  almost three years ago my husband and I were sleeping in a tent on the streets.  We lost our apartment when I was fired for someone stealing the deposit from my store.  But that is another story.  We had been on the streets for two years when someone tried to rob my husband.  He was stabbed in the back nine time when he tried to get away.  We were lucky that my husband was a strong man.  He was in the hospital foe a week, and back at work two weeks after it happened.  But like I said I need my own place.  For I do not get much sleep, and his mother is driving me crazy.  Everytime she sees something on the T.V. she asks what race the person is.  Iit makes me feel that she could be the leader of the KLAN...Help  I am going out of my mind

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4 Responses May 2, 2008

awwww thanks MHT,,,I don't take up much space...Just scoot over just a little...I don't bite....Unless you like that sort of thing..

I hope so! :)

Not Yet...Hopefully soon before I go bonkers

Man, that's terrible. You got your own place yet?