Shopping At The Mall.

Several years back my wife would do just about anything I asked. She has worn mesh shirts with nipples peaking out and once on vacation I bought her a white see through sundress. She wore it out to dinner with no undies. As we were walking from the parking lot to the restaurant a car load of guys drove by and every head in the car was looking at her including the driver. It almost caused an accident. When we got back to the motel my wife said the experience really turned her on and we had teriffic sex. The next day we decided to do a little shopping. My wife put on a pair of shorts an a rather long top. When I said she looked a little overdressed she pulled the shorts and panties down and stepped out of them. I said "hot damn". The long top came just a little past her honey pot and her butt cheeks were barely covered. Off to mall we went. As we walked in I could see the guys looking and even heard a whistle or two. Once inside she smiled and said I'll meet you back here in about 45 minutes and off she went. I followed her for a while trying to watch, until a cop started checking me out. I didn't desire to try and explain to him why I was stalking this sexy young woman. Needless to sat it was a long 45 minutes. When she came strutting up she looked at me with a big smile. She said we had better head back to the motel or she would attack me right here in the mall. I grabbed all her packages and took off. As she was sliding in the car, what a beautiful view looking back at me, she said I spent quite a bit of money. I said tell me all about what happened and you can spend some more tomorrow. I'll have to finish this tomorrow since I am at work and it is almost time to leave..
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4 Responses Sep 20, 2012

OK, we are still awaiting the big finish to your story...or was the point just to tease us all????

It's so much fun to have a wife who gets turned on exposing in public! I know I love it!

Thank you. I need to find some time to write the rest.

Well written and leaving something for the imagination! Well done.