Have Outgrown My Friends

I am 22 in Atlanta and most people (females) I meet my age just want to party and shop. There is more to life than that, and Im so sick of them just living for the weekend and expecting me to do the same. I am also a full time student pursuing a bachelors degree and a single mother. Dont have much free time on my hands and when I do get some I dont want to go get wasted or splurge this weeks income on some shoes that will be out of style in a couple of months. I like to learn about my (black) history and talk about whats going on in the world among many other things. I do like to party but not all the damn time! Im trying to get out of the box and try new ways to have fun.

If there is anyone in the metro atlanta/cobb county area that would like to make a new friend, please feel free to email me and lets hang out 

lilmisscuriousness lilmisscuriousness
Jul 23, 2010