I Need Friends

I'm disabled and home most of the time.  I can't work and the only other place that I go to regularly is my church and that's even getting boring.  I'm single with no boyfriend.  I have a brother & sister but they both have their own families.  I'm not very happy.  I have people and my therapist telling me to find friends but how do you find friends.  If there is any body out there who is lonely, depressed and needs someone to talk to you can contact me.  Looking for friends and people to talk to.sad
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51-55, F
3 Responses Aug 2, 2010

We can talk if you want.

we can talk im also looking for people to talk with don't have amy true friend just people that want to talk when they have problems but not listen to me through my trials and tribulations you can check my profile out and if i seem cool you can send me a message in my box. Im down to earth and don't judge life is way 2 short goping to hear from u soon.

yes, me , I am both depressed and lonely and above all that I like to talk to people who are older, call me weird , call this being a strange , but I like to fell like I am surrounded with people and no matter of age and sex or race , I would talk to you , send me a message, and I will be gratful. Lilo

Wanting to talk to older people is not weird at all in fact it is a froof of maturity,older people have lived and learned and have a lot to impart and to recognise this is a good thing,some young people dismiss older people and only want to communicate with youth their own age,they miss out!