Bad Choices

I've made some bad choices in some of my friends throughout my life...and I'm not even that old lol.

I remember when I was younger I was completely convince that I was going to have and going to want to have the friend I had forever. That they would always be part of my life and that was a good thing. Now I'm growing up and I'm maturing and changing and I'm realizing that the majority of my friends are idiots lol. The aren't making good or even intelligent choices and I just don't want the stress and drama and crap that they all seem to thrive on. And I don't want the life style that comes from hanging around ppl like this ya know.

So my conclusion...I just need new friends. New ppl to hang around. I've found some...and there are a couple of friends that I already had that this post does apply to so I'll keep them. But I need more friends that are closer to my age that have the same goals and interests that I do.

So.....Any suggestions on how to meet new ppl??? lol

pepsi21addict pepsi21addict
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 11, 2007

I don't know what you like to do I love to walk. There are groups. I like to write poetry. There are groups. If you could find groups that are interested in whatever you could find some new friends.