Do I Need New Underwear?

I'm turning 13 this year and there's a guy at school who keeps teasing me about my underwear, he goes on about how I need to switch from briefs to boxers. My mum bought be boxers a while ago but I didn't like them, I'm just used to my old undies, bit I know that they really old and small cause I don't even remember when I got them. I'm a skinny kid and I think my undies fit me and I think they're cumfy, but they do like always go into my bum like all the time and I always pick them out. Like I pick them out and then they just go back up even when I'm walking but i'm just used to it, i keep picking all the time but it doesn't bother me. I wear like sport shorts and stuff cause I do lots of running and footy and I'm just used to picking them out, i've been picking them out all day for ages I'm just used to it lol.

But this guy at school lately has started teasing me heaps about it. Sometiems I have to digg my butt a lot but I don't mind i'm used to it hehe. Do I have to change?

wedgiekid wedgiekid
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2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

wear briefs they are better you can get colored ones

Yes little brother it is time to buy some new ones. If you like briefs then buy briefs. don't let some body tell you what you like to wear! If you like tighty whities then buy a pack, learn how to make your own decisions.