I Cant Do This

i have been told i need to take the risk of rejection and that i need to reach out to others and share myself -something i find scary in the extremei dont feel comfortable saying much more than that just now.
jjaagg jjaagg
51-55, F
2 Responses May 4, 2007

People may reject you, but with each experience, you will grow and become stronger if you believe in yourself...that you have a place in this world...even if you have onlly one friend, yourself. In the end, we go out the same way we came in and the stuff in between is just a classroom...plus, people are attracted to people who love and value themselves...not in an "I am better than you" way, but in a "I am worth getting to know, and if you don't want to know me than-**** off or stay out of my way" Good luck. YOU will be fine, jjaagg.

Well get to know the person first and then move in. No rush. Rejection is natural and you will get over it. But once you get accepted by someone you want will make it all worth it. I wish you luck and to take your time.