Bitterness Of Life

when i had just completed 4 months of my wedding days i started going anemic..i was put on iron dose and father passed away during those days and i went into depression and life saddened as he was my best friend who left me alone with my wife and my mother for our entire health was wife took me from one hospital to another to know the reason for my weakness..after one month tension we got the news that both my kidneys have shrunken with creatinine level at 26 where i need to be admitted immediately..that night was not passing away thinikng how and where to go whihc hospital is better..treatment was very costly..but by my father's grace he ahd left some amount into his account and i think he had left it for me..i got admitted in good hosital hping my sister wld donate her kidney to me..during my hospitalization n treatment my wife,my younger brother ran from here and there completing all formaities of transplant..and again god slapped me whne my sister(donor) on the last day of her pre transplant test denied saying"she is scared and wants some property as security" but we could not convience her or gave her anything becasue we only had that amt whihc was need for a transplant..she said good by to us and left the city..its been 8months i am on dailysis accompanied by my wife to the hospital thrice a week..i am out of money now....i dont need money from anybody..i just need all my friend blessing and hope to find a donor soon..i am o positive....
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Jan 12, 2013