Need a Job

I have been out of work since January 12.  I have applied on line to several temporary agencies and have posted my resume on every job search engine that I could find.  I have only worked two days since Jan 12 and am quite discouraged and I have several skills.  My bills are piling up and when I tried to apply for public assistance, I was shot down.  It gets very discouraging to call these agencies on a daily basis only to be told that you wil be put on an available list.  I don't need to be put on a list, I NEED A JOB!!!!!  Once I get a job and can pay my bills, maybe then I can have my peace of mind back!
rdicenzi rdicenzi
51-55, F
1 Response Mar 21, 2007

Sorry things aren't working out for you. Not having a job is stressful. Hope you find a job. You might have to get one you don't want for a while. Hope not though.