Silent Terror

Its been on my mind for some time, long before I came on to EP. I need those of you who have been in domestic relationship and has survived this to step up and help those who are in this terrible place in there  lives.

Somany people think that if they wanted to get put of this, they could just leave, well this isn't true. Most victoms of domestic violence are trapped as prissoners in there own homes by the asailents.

They have been conditioned to beleive that they can not do any better and that if some one knew, they would be thought of as a failor. Statistics has shown that 4000 woman die each year. We as a society need to get these numbers down and we have the resourses to do so.

Take this seriousley, be proactive and step in to help when they can't help themselves.

The sad part is, where there is children, you have more than one victom, stop this trend from moving onto the next generation.
we hve the tools at out finger tips and you don't have to be a vvictom to report this. It does't matter if its verbal or physical, domestic violence comes in many forms.
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Owl, this is why when it comes to procicuting these animals, the procedures and questions that are posed on the victoms have to be more subtle. Reasom being is that they are less lickely to press charges against them. The sad thing is victoms are always blamed because of too much make up, how your dressed and so on.

The fact is, it doesn't give them the right to

it is a terrible problem, i have lived through it and survived. left my abuser 8 years ago, however, i was still judged by many, and the victims suffer for a long time afterwards, as they are so traumatised.
life is good now, but it took years to heal.
my heart goes out to all the women still suffering

it is done in your time and yours only. That is why I am trying to reach out to those who need the help, from those who have survived this and point them in the right direction.

Thank you for all your response

I've experienced it. I don't feel up to writing about it (yet). I did in the past TO HELP OTHERS, only to be told I was seeking attention.

There is still a 'stigma', that in some way blames the victim.
And getting out, is much easier said than done.
Law doesn't help much.
Laws are written for the CRIMINAL, not the VICTIM. That's why they call it the 'Criminal Justice System'.

I do pray strength, guidance, and stability, and comfort to those that need to get out of this situation!

you are right about the stigma...i lost many friends, they some how blamed me!

I hope it helps