The Majority Of The Time, I Feel Depressed.

I’ve never been entirely certain as to why I feel this way; I figure there is more than one reason though. Yes I’m lonely. I suppose everyone feels lonely and feels like they are incapable of connection to people. But honestly, I feel like people are stupid, unbelievably stupid and this isn’t the superiority complex coming out here. I’m past the conversational pieces of drugs, sex and movie stars. Maybe I’m a little more thought provoking than others around my age group.

I feel out casted. Nobody is interested in what I have to say. They rather go talk to someone with sex appeal and the intelligence of a brick wall. It’s not that hideously ugly in any way, I’m actually fairly attractive or at least this is the opinions of the very little friends I have acquired. I feel uncomfortable around most people due to the reason that I feel different. Not on the same scale. I like science, actually I love science. Biology, chemistry, calculus, physics....You name it, I’d probably be able to tell you a couple of books worth.
I’m not the type of person to shout at people, cause hysteria in public or generally make a fool of myself. I’ve always been more of a quiet person and it shows especially when I’m in the company of strangers. They know I’m uncomfortable and I know. It’s quite an awkward situation.

I would like more friends. But fortunately finding someone decent I’ve found to be quite a difficult task. So what do I do?
SinnedSoul SinnedSoul
Jul 27, 2010