I Don't Know How To Live...

Hey, I'm a senior in high school and out of 150 students I am 128. I cant focus and I have a hard time talking in front of a lot of people I don't know. like right now I am terrified because I know that a lot of people are gonna read this and it probably sounds stupid. I am having problems with life after high school. I don't know much about the real world, like how to get a job or even how to apply for college. If someone could please help me and kinda point me in the right direction that would be awesome!
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I too face the same problem , but do not worry , I do believe things will get well. Try making friends. And work hard , aim for something , and work hard to acheieve it , I believe we all have the same amount of brain material , just depends on how we use it , you do not know how to apply for collage ?? Look it up in the Internet u will now , decide that u won't depend upon anyone else and things will get well .. Do things ur self and before u know it , u will be all that u want to be .