I was born and my dad left 24 years later he rushes in to my life again. Just to put me down about everything I already hate about my self. My g/f and family now are all saying oh I see so much of your father in you. Every time I talk to someone about this so called father of mine they tell me he is a huge ******* and that I am better off with out him. Now I am just like him. I hate myself for it. I feel like I try to change and it doesnt work. I since then kicked my father out of my life because he really is a *******. I am now 25 living with my g/f at my moms house. I want to join the army but I am half deaf. I wanna try. I feel like this is my last thing I am running out of options I dont know what to do any more. So much has gone wrong in my whole life. I really just want to die. Not kill myself just not exist any more.
MarkdJoker MarkdJoker
Dec 8, 2012