Me and my friend were almost like sisters but recently she's been acting very rude and I can't trust her anymore she told the person I liked I liked than without telling me then tells me I'm boring and she's gunna leave to talk to fun people and like she thinks that I can forgive her for the things she's done before I can't she thinks she can fix it with a paragraph no it doesn't hurt me she told him but that she couldn't keep a secret she let me down and when I messed up one time she was talking about me behind my back being rude to me and she wouldn't stop bringing it up but I let it pass but now I can't and I have no one else to tell I don't have anyone I trust I feel like crying from everything that I feel I want to tell it to her face but I know it'll just be problems I just want someone to talk too about it
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 12, 2013