My Friend Is Suffocating Me !!

So I just met that friend I guess two months ago and she's really nice with me ad so helpful,well she helped me when I just came to France finding an apartment and all the paper stuff,going to the doctor's,helped me to move out as well,and I even stayed at her house for two weeks without paying a single dollar, on the other hand I did whatever she asked me to do cause I thought that it was like the smallest thing I could do to thank her , I ever folded her clothes, washed the dishes,helped her to clean around the house without complaining.
The problem is that when I got my apartment 5 days ago which by the way in the same building as her( she's in first floor and I'm in the sixth one) I've never spent a single night in it because she's always telling to stay over and that she got used to me and everything,it's not that I don't like her BUT she's always on facebook talking with her boyfriend who lives in another country and leaving me there like a puppet so what's the point of having there all the time by her side.
Yesterday she asked me to go out with her and I said that I was too tired to go anywhere and she just remained calm cause she was mad at me (I knew it) and since I can't hurt people I started apologizing and she punished me by not talking to me like the whole afternoon and when I told that we needed to talk she said : I always go with you without even thinking about it and when I asked you to come with me you said NO .
She knows that I'm a weak person suffering from depression since a long time, I guess she perfectly knows my weaknesses :( and using them against me .
I really need time for my self to relax a little bit gosh! she's killing me and since I wasn't feeling good to start with she's making things harder for me ! she even called twice while I was writing this draft .
What can I do to push her away from me? tell her that I need some privacy for god sake !!!
I'm the type of person who always gives in and it's really destroying me .
lovekorea lovekorea
22-25, F
Dec 8, 2012