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Anyone want to play football or something? Maybe do some sparing?

Arorin Arorin
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DAmn that is a big coat... JK!

ha ha i will HID allllllllllllll my nerves!!!! *puts on and alaskn coat and sings* la la la la la la la la

Believe me i will hit every nerve i get the chance to hit. Then i will innocently run away!

:P you hit a nerve there. <br />
<br />
good so i will be waiting for that chance :D

lol i am just kidding. I don't have any idea what you look like. You could still sneak up on me.

:( not funny... <br />
<br />
well then that other story is for you to know and you to share with whom you want to or not. :P

This goes beyond self harming what i did to myself. Either way that is another story! <br />
<br />
You sure i wont know its coming? you did say you wasn't a twig after all... JK!

hey im a long time self harmer i am tough too :P <br />
<br />
ok ok you win THIS time :{P but i will get you next time and you wont know its coming ha ha ha ha

no i surely doubt it. I am so use to being hit i don't even recognize pain.

lmao <br />
<br />
aww that had to hurt just a LITTLE!!!!

smiles even more, because i am cool like that!

*wakes up and punches his arm then curls up and goes back to sleep* aww.... *grins*

smiles about winning.

*still crying and talks in sleep* cheeea...tterrrrr


*cries in sleep and talks in sleep* a$$....hole

To bad my legs was wrapped around yours so you couldnt move them! Sleep well little one!

hey THATS NOT FAIR, and i am NOT a twig, i wish :P<br />
<br />
and i do not fall asleep i kick you :P ha ha ha

I bet you are a twig! You can do a push up with 250 pounds on top of you? Face it i already won. Puts you in a blood choke till you fall asleep.

ha ha im not some twig *shoves him off and WRAPS legs around his waste and makes him lay down and put all my weight on him as i remove my legs nad take his leg and as i pull his leg up word i make him turn on his belly and sit on his back as i pull his lag in a painful direction :P you PINED.

spins you around and sits on you.

aww not fair i was wining!!!! cross wrist him (rubs wrist in face on nose till it hurt) <br />
<br />
and pulls his hand over his head and puts him in a chock hold <br />
<br />

I can reach back there. I am to strong for you to actually hold me. so i counter and noogie you!

lmao OOPS sorry ha ha ha <br />
<br />
but no, this hold you cant even reach my face ha ha ha i win cuz you stopped and laughed ha ha ha i can laugh and fight at the same time ha ha ha ha

im going to assume you me wraps and not rapes.. lol<br />
<br />
takes my finger and pushes up on sitchiba's nose till she lets go, then i stop to laugh.

ha ha ha you cant squish me so easily, throws him off and rapes lags around Arorin's legs as pulling down on his arms and puts him in some hold i cant remember name but knows its EXTREMELY painful. muah ahahahah this hold i ALWAYS had to say uncle cuz i dont think there IS a way out. :P ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Fall down to the ground right on top of sitchiba squishing her*

its ok, we would just start all over. ok.. GO!!<br />
<br />
l*eaps on Arorin*, ha ha *pulls his right arm behind his back as my left arm raps around his chest and holds his left wrist*

Yeah pretty much a free for all. Do your best not to lose to fast!

lol beating up on a girl would be fun. i know a few girls i would like to beat up :D<br />
<br />
so what? we go be the rules or is it a free for all?

Well yeah i wouldn't expect you to beat me, but it could still be fun.

ha ha id still loose :P guys are always stronger no matter if they are "gentle"

i fight at a professional level, but i dont fight professionally yet. Ill be gentle with you though! it is all in good fun.

aww ****. i suck at that. lmao i know regular wrestling and ive been chocked tooo much. once my brother and his friend left a ring around my neck and he barely got out alive with my dad lmao. no im not strong but i think i can pack a punch or so one of my brothers friends said when he asked me to punch him in the face... lmao after he said he changed his mind nad that it hurt and he looked... dizzy? ha ha thats what he gets :P

Spar is like fighting. boxing mixed martial arts that kind of stuff.

spar? im not a pro at this :P i only played in track when we didnt run or in p.e. :P

with only two people all we can do is pass the ball around. We could spar if you wanted though.

oh and not equipment please.. guh id rather go without it.

GOOD cuz i suck at soccer lmao. i LOVE foot ball :P when i played people got pissed and it sucked that i was good in a way... the couch made me block the faster girls. im not skinny or fast but i do pay attention in what way the may go and have made plenty of touch downs. :P

American football, not soccer.

oooooooooooo i was told i would be good at playing foot ball but... what kind of foot ball do you mean?