My Mother's Dark Spirit

My mother has a dark spirit that she uses to pull out my hair. She has been doing this for the past year. I found out about it by seeing what she was doing in the spiritual realm. I found out a few months ago. I have talked about it but since I cannot prove it, she has been mocking me.

I have lost most of my hair and cannot afford to lose anymore. I do not believe I would be able to live a normal life as a bald, 31 year old woman.

Sometimes she seems to get very angry and starts to pull really violently causing pain to my scalp.

I know there are people that have seen and heard the dark spiritual things that they are doing. My parents are trying to keep them from speaking to me openly by putting negative thoughts into their heads. Please pray that they speak up.

Please pray that this happens. I sense that the only way she will stop pulling out my hair is if someone speaks openly about her dark spiritual activities. Please pray for me.

Update of the 24th of August, 2010

I have found that both my parents are evil. I have found out they are responsible for destroying both my romantic and work relationships through witchcraft. With my romantic romantic relationships, they have been making the previous girlfriend think that she wants the guy. They don't just use this technique, they use many different techniques.

Even currently, they are standing in the way of me having a fruitful relationship with anyone. I need someone to rescue me from here.  There are people that want to do so but they are standing still, not taking action to rescue me from my parents.

Please pray that someone speaks to me directly so that I can be rescued from having to live with my parents. There is at least one person who is completely ready to have me come live with them. But my parents are putting negative thoughts into their heads keeping them from speaking to me directly. Please pray that they speak to me plainly and directly. I would never let anyone down. I would never use someone spitefully or reject them just to be mean. Please pray.
Annie79 Annie79
31-35, F
Aug 3, 2010