Prayer For The Ones Everybody Forgot About

I've just recently got back on my feet from being homeless. Being homeless isn't a good thing to be at all people don't treat them as human as they treat others. People target them and look down on them. Alot of people put themselves in that situation but alot of them haven't accepted God either. I just need everyone who prays at night to pray for every homeless and hungry child, woman, and man out there. They go through these winters without shoes sometimes. Some have to sleep outside because of shelters kicking them out. Alot die during winter because they drink and pass out freezing there blood or get put on the street. You can't look down on these people. Alot of them truly just need the chance alot of them might not want to change but if they had God maybe they would have that motivation. Theres an infinite amount of things to pray for but God really needs to hear this calling you will be saving alot of lives tonight. God bless.
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Thank you for sharing such story...I seen your age bracket and for your age, wisdom flow freely though you ! Sorry for your homeless situation but God has a bigger plan for your life and sometimes he have to knock us to the bottom just to built us up much stronger better and to just know who he is ! He is going to bless you abundant more than you can accept but GOD is going to show up and truly show out in your life !! Keep believing and putting him first. God bless you and may prosperity, peace, happiness, and love flow daily in your life.

Thank you so much it seems the more i live my life by Him the better it gets

and thats how it will be ! He said fear him and no one else ! as long you put him first abundant blessings will flow from every where

I remember how freezing outside it would get and my aunt would not let me in her house, I ran away from a foster home because of how restrictive it was. I was homeless in Los Angeles.

So you live in LA? wow that must of been quite a life

I used to when I was in foster homes

good thoughts i like that and yes i need things to pray for because i know God listens to me and i dumpster dive sometimes and i get ridiculed just for that but to be on the street terrifies me , so i will certainly pray for them

People are so cruel to ridicule others without knowing there intnetions i hold myself above no man/woman so it makes it easier for me to not look down on them and just see eye to eye it was very scary/exciting i miss it and dont miss it everyday God Bless