Strength For Family

A while ago i asked for prayers for my mother in law, who was pregnant with a baby boy with Trisomny 18. I had stated that it would have needed 7 various of surgery.

12/11/12 my mom in law went into an emergency c-section.. at 8:50 he was born.. yet they took one look at him and decided not let him go through the pain of trying to help him live a while longer. Let him go peacefully. At 9pm (10 mins after being born) he passed away in his daddys arms. Funeral is next week.

Please pray for strength to get through this hard time.

Paul Timothy Adam Walker..

Now we donate what we can to Trisomny 18 Foundation and to the Mend-A-Heart program..
DixieBabe92 DixieBabe92
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012