How To Trick Your Mind

Ever notice how you start crying when watching a sad movie or get scared when watching a scary movie? In some extreme cases, people have ended up passing out, convulsing or throwing up after watching a particularly gruesome film. If you stop and think about it, these reactions are pretty remarkable. Why you ask?

Because it isn't real. It's all fantasy.

In effect, your mind is playing a trick on you. It makes you react to what it's seeing and hearing as if what you were watching was actually taking place when in fact, it isn't. Pretty amazing, right?

Now, what if we could do the same to our minds? What if we could trick it into feeling anything we wanted anytime we wanted? After all, if Hollywood can do it to us, why can't we do it to ourselves?

Think about it. What if you could trick it to feel happy when you're sad, hopeful when you're feeling hopeless or exhilirated when you're feeling depressed? What would that mean for you?

So, what exactly is it that Hollywood's figured to make us react to fantasy as if it were reality? Their secret? Brainwave Entrainment.

What is Brainwave Entrainment? It is the natural tendency of our brains to follow along with environmental stimuli it receives, specifically, rhythmic sensory input such as pulses of light or sound. To make sense of this, think of your mind as a tunning fork. Let's say you take two tunning forks and place them side by side without touching one another. Now let's say you strike the first tunning fork but leave the other one alone. What will happen eventually to the tunning fork next to it? Correct! It too will begin vibrating at the exact same frequency as the other one!

THIS is what our brain does! It does it constantly even though we're completely unaware of it and Hollywood has figured out how to use this feature of our brains to trick us into feeling whatever they want us to.

So how can we trick ourselves to feel whatever we want to feel at anytime? In its simplest form, all we need to do is find those specific rhythms and/or light frequencies that evoke the emotion we want to feel and then feed it to ourselves. In effect, this simple technique gives us the ability to trick our minds into feeling happy when we're sad or hopeful when we feel hopeless.

Now, this overview of what Brainwave Entrainment is and how it works is just a brief introduction to this amazing topic. To learn more about the exact mechanisms involved and what specific rhythms evoke the kind of emotions we want to feel Google “16 Revolutionary Discoveries About The Human Brain + 18 Techniques & Practices” by Dr. Faiez Kirsten.
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