We're All Mad Here.

For the longest time I always felt as though I was an odd duck. As a child I shunned toys and preferred to play outside by myself in my grandma's garden. She believes in fairies so to humor her I built fairy furniture out of sticks to put in the yard. As I grew up I never really changed socially. I always preferred to stick to myself and felt like no one could relate to me because I'm one of those people that's intelligent to a point where I am socially awkward. Since I was ten, I've had a few unreasonable delusions set in my mind, one that one man has been following me since then waiting for the perfect chance to strike and rape/kill/torture/whatever me. I still see things out of the corner of my eye and am easily startled because I'm waiting for ol' boy to come and get me...and I'm 21 years old. Thats my mildest delusion to date. BUT after years of thinking that I'm just freaking batshit crazy, I've come to realize that everyone is afraid of something stupid, be it real or imagined, and everyone is their own special brand of crazy. Let's all just embrace it and let our freak flags fly. =]
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1 Response May 6, 2012

You are like me THINK TOO MUCH it will settle i now see things before they happen and people ask me how did i know it was going to happen i tell i just did .We are to alert to the world around us its part of me now . Alone but most time 1 up on every body as i see things in advance and work with it.