I am a 16 year-old girl, and I think I need psychological help. I think I need help because I have trouble "venting" my emotions and I seem to obsess over things. I'm always a mixture of sad and angry, and it's extremley tiring. When I'm angry, I'm ANGRY. I become furious, but I don't become violent. I turn all my anger and frustration into sadness and depression, and it actually, physically hurts, there becomes a pain in my chest whenever I channel out my anger without actually doing something that makes me seem angry like hitting something, or yelling (if that makes sense). Then, when I am crying people ask "what's wrong", which oddly ****** me off even more (I don't know if your like me, but I hate being bothered when I'm crying). I don't know if something is really wrong with me, or if I'm just a *****. Then there's the obsession. I obsess over people, guys that I like imparticullar. I don't stalk or anything, so don't worty about that, but when I like a guy, my world begins to revolve around him, suddenly I'm gushing to my friends 24/7 about this one guy that I just find so amazing and I can't seem to ever shut up about him. Help? I may have a temper, but I don't show it, I was raised to never throw tantrums over things, I was taught to keep it inside, and I'm being serious, it HURTS to keep it in.
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i used to keep it in. now i let it fly but it does not matter. i feel my depression through physical pain. my arms, my legs, my heart, my head. i was just like you when i was in high school. i wish i could inspire you to feel better about yourself, but i dont have that talent. try getting help for the depression. tell someone that loves you that need help.

Try to hide more your feelings, keep it for yourself... i mind, we're women, we know about those things... wish you the best*

i feel the same way its good to know im not the only person out there so thank you for sharing ur story