Need A Real Friend

Need a.real true.friend. one that I can trust and we can talk about.anything we.going.through. someone to be.there through.the.good as.well as.the bad. I had.friends but only.for.the.good. when life.well ppl were ready to leave. I am a real true person and true is.there.for ear h.other no matter.what. let me know friend of the like
dshown dshown
46-50, F
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I can so relate to your post. I feel a lot of the time ppl only remember me when they need something.. I tried to add you in my circle but it won't let me. I hope we can chat sometime.

Hello dshown i liked your post and found it heartfelt and would love to be your friend so we share our thoughts,feelings and experiences together.just new to this site and fairley new to the net(after about 5 years or so)i too am lonely here in blighty as we brits say and would love to talk to someone across the atlantic ocean.I am sure you agree the world is a big place but can so lonely if you have no one to talk to like me.Take care and thank you for reading my response.

you can never find a true friend. you can only make a friend who may or maynot become true. Dont let the fear of making a false friend deter you from making friends. there no true love, or friendship or any happiness in life without risk. Even true friends can fade away, but what we learn from them always remains. So drop all expectations or judgments about people and things they will look interesting

Have you ever read a book about friendship ?

New here so not really sure how all

It is ok. You will get the hang of it. I have met some really nice people here. I am here too if you want to message me or add me as a friend