I am really stuck right now. The guy I like and I have been friends for a little over a year now and he has no clue I like him. I'm his best friend and he's one of mine so he tells me everything. Literally. He told me about his crush a when we were just beginning to be friends but then he got over her and she was replaced with another girl. During that time he let it be well known that he didn't like me and that we were no more than friends so I ignored the crush. Now he's sort of over her and has casually suggested that we date at some point or implied it on multiple occasions. I really don't know if this is him being desperate or if he likes me now or what. On one hand he's sorta known for being desperate (aren't most boys) but on the other he's very sweet, makes me laugh, references books with me ('Okay?' 'Okay.') and I've caught him staring at me (awkward eye contact). These past few days have been really really awkward and I'm just really confused. What do I do?
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Feelings change over time Sweety . If he didn't like you or wasn't attracted to you he wouldn't be suggesting these things to you. Think of it this way. If you were really desperate and a guy you know in your area was really ugly - being desperate , would you do the same? Nope :) maybe your friend really does like you . As I said feelings change . In a good way it seems :) give it a shot . Either way you will did out - the end result regardless of what happens will sure feel better than stepping on egg shells. From the outside in - I think he likes you !

Thanks a bunch for this, it's helped me take a few more risks and I think you're right, considering he told me he thinks I'm beautiful today.

So glad to hear that 👌