I need help I have been in a relationship with a girl for about 2 years and suddenly my parents told me that we are going to move to another country, I have been wanting to end our relationship for about a week now but I don't want to make her cry, I would've wanted to try a long distance relationship but I have had bad experience with it, please if you have any suggestions please tell me any suggestions help.
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Or advice

Hi mate . Wow that's rough . I guess the first thing you nee to do is remind yourself why you wanted to end things before you knew about the move. Do they still apply? Also - no two relations ships are alike . If you really want this to work - it can . Don't compare this relationship to previous ones. As for breaking her heart - talk to her and tell her your moving away . Tell her your fears about long distance relationships and why thy are there

The problem is that i never wanted the relationship to end before i knew about the move.
but Thanks for the advice

The best you can do it talk to her. I know it's scary but in the end - you will have to talk to her regardless . This way you can both share your feelings , fears , hopes and expectations

Thanks for the advice it help alot

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