Like The Cat And The Dog Here ^^,

.. Cause I never had any lol

But this group anyway reminds me of when i was a kid, when i used to deny the need to sleep, even when i felt extremely sleepy.... i didn’t like to go to sleep cause oftentimes i would wake up feeling numb either on my feet one day or on my hands another time....
Those numbs feeling must have come from the fact that i moved a lot when i slept, i could start sleeping on one side of the bed and woke up at far end from the starting spot lol with my head on my hand or my leg on another leg.... Indonesian would call it "kesemutan", which meaning like u got a lot of ants crowding under your skin inside your leg! lol
One thing that caused the hesitant feeling also that i oftentimes had bad dream of falling and falling without end, without hitting any bottom... it was a terrible, out of control feeling... as bad as dreaming of lost in an unknown place....
So... ya, i guess i need a secure arms to sleep in, though such dreams never cross my way since long time ago...

And why will i still think that i need one? Cause i think it will feel good.. mmm.. heheyy ^^,

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Bright Blessings and Good Luck.

hehe.. thank you Calistosvengeance :) *hugs*

I concur with PNC....and wish you the best of luck in finding your secure arms...<br />
<br />

lol no need to sorry ProudNavyChief.. i expect a pair though in the future lol

whaaa u knew it then! i just wish to have those arms :)