I Need It

i haven,t had intercourse in 5 years and i am very frustrated and i get bullied about it it comes to a point where need right now i get bullied about this and teased and it comes to a point where i want to kill myself because of people bulling me about this i mean every time i go into college everybody stares at me and laughs it is ridiculous and no girl wants me either cause they say i,m very ugly so i don,t understand what is going on and the only way for this problem to get sorted is to have sex what do i do and is there any girl out there that finds me intersring

holdingout holdingout
18-21, M
4 Responses Feb 11, 2010

go to a pub

no but the point is i need sex right now

hang in there. I know someone is going to find you attractive and things will turn around for you. Most of the time ppl who are making fun of you haven't been getting any either and they are just tryin to mak themselves look better.

I feel for you. <br />
But at least you've had. Some of us haven't even gone that far. I live in a boarding house with 50 other guys - the stick I get is ridiculous.