Sex In Cincinnati, Ohio

Hi Everyone,


I am a 33 year old white male, 6'1" tall, 215 lbs, well built, short black hair, light brown eyes and clean shavin. I am a regular guy who works hard everyday but is in a marriage that lack passion. I am looking for a woman is a simular situation or one that is just hot and naughty.

I love to please. I enjoy giving hot sensual erotic massages. I like to slowly explore a womans body and find all of her hot spots. I always pay attention to detail. I miss holding a woman close to me, her breast against my chest and feeling our hearts beating against eachother. Running my hands through her hair while I slowly but passionently kiss her.

I just really miss the passion, excitment and pleasure of a woman. I have a lot to give but haven't found anyone to give it to. Maybe someone out there will read this and respond. Or maybe your in the same boat and would like to vent your frustration on here your more than welcome. I wish everyone a great day!




swohioman swohioman
31-35, M
Feb 26, 2010