Sex Is More Than Just Penetration!

Am I the only man who feels there has to be an emotional connection in order to have sex with a woman? I can't have sex just to have sex, it has to mean something. Sex has always made me feel wanted, and when I go without sex, I feel discarded and unwanted. I consider making love an art. There's nothing greater than giving pleasure to the person you love. Sex is best when there's no need to rush through foreplay, and no rush to get dressed after the act either. Sex on an emotional level is the greatest feeling in the world. There's nothing better than intimately sharing yourself with another person. Why do guys always need to rush into it? Don't men realize that sex is better when you love the other person? Without sex and making someone feel special, I have no purpose.
drjayluv1 drjayluv1
36-40, M
1 Response Aug 8, 2010

Thank you teacherspirit for your comment. <br />
It's nice to hear that someone agrees with me!<br />
Why aren't there more people like us?