I really can't beat around the bush anymore.  I'd like to have a relationship with a woman, I would prefer that.  But I'm getting to a point where I have a physical need/desire that is overwhelming.  I need some closeness, warmth, sweat, screaming, heavy breathing.  A girlfriend would be great but I'd also take a ****-buddy, friend with privileges, or just a one-night stand.  Sorry to be crass but that's just how I'm feeling. 
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Uhhh, good job there buddy.

Look I don't mean to be rude, blunt yes, rude no, but you have some enormous story about sex and relationships. You can go **** for fun. She can take it. Leave the relationship part out of it, FOR HER SAKE. **** a couple times and see if you can even stand being around her. You're frustrating me and I don't have this problem.

Haha....thanks are a tease! LOL

I know exactly how you feel! Damn, did you read my mind or something, LOL! Its very frustrating.....And not all girls like ********! Did you say you live in TX? Hmmmm....not too far from me....j/k! Good Luck!

haha, yeah I am looking for the real thing LOL

Yeah you are right Crystalcat...I sometimes think it's everyone but me. That is way off base though. I am working on meeting some new friends. It's not a quick process though. I'm just trying to be patient and hope that something works out someday. Thanks for your support :-)

Don't be sorry you posted - there are loads of people feeling just the same as you out there. Even some people in relationships are feeling sexually frustrated right now! We are all biologically driven in some way. Consider whether you need to change your social life - hang out with different people. I hope you meet someone soon. Remember, most people are not getting the sex they need - there are ony a few people who are involved in a non-stop shag-a-thon.

Yeah everybody has their own sets of problems and I'm sure 3 somes are really fun and all. I need to worry about my own life though, not living vicariously through others.

WHen you get to feeling lonely and sexually deprived... Go read the Sexless Marriages group! People in EP are either NOT GETTING ANY, Or they're getting it in 3-Somes! =O

Wow I wish I knew women that thought more like you Beah...I think life would be a lot more fun if being an ******* wasn't such an asset for a man.

I wish my partners would let me casually date all the nice guys that don't get any. :) I'm absolutely about sleeping with nice guys, geeks, etc. They tend to be absolutely the best in bed, at least to me. My husband of 14 years is totally a "nice guy" and he has major skills in and out of bed! Our wife is a "good girl" and daaamn she satisfies me just fine. I would do the nice guys so very right! Wife and I have a crush on this gorgeous lil' 19 year old named Greg. He 'says' he's a virgin and he's become a little bitter about that. My husband said I really ought not to sleep with him though because our 30+ yr. old selves would totally spoil him for the girls his age LOL. He says he'd never be satisfied with them then... Ah well... Maybe someday... ;)

ROFLMAO...thanks...a coronation ceremony for...dum duh duh duhhhhhh.....SANDYNIPPLES!!

Sandynipples it is!!! I thought of it from a Jerky Boys skit where this guy gets tortured by some thugs and they rub sand into his a@s and nipples. You can definitely change your username, I think you go to Account Settings or Edit Profile.

OMG!!! "sandynipples" lol. that is pretty darn funny. I so dare you to do that now. what made you think of it? and anyhow how do you change your username> or do you just have to open a new account? anyhow have a good name and "sandynipples" is cute. sort of sounds kinky like mine. i don't think people can shorten yours neither then because sandy is actually the name of some women, even one of my friends and nipples just sounds like people are talking about boobies. anyhow thanks. have a good day.

Yeah Simples we do all need a bit...I'd prefer love but just some sex with a friendly person would be great too.

People often don't want to write out a full name so they call me 'Self'. Or they shorten other people's names as well. Yours doesn't work that way LOL. I started to write out "well thanks ****" but then I realized. Well, thanks Slider....I like that one okay but it sounds like it's for a's about "sandynipples"?

my suggestion is sweetandsexy.

My name is boring as hell...I just came up with it out of the blue when I decided to change my old username. I'd like to come up with something else. Any suggestions?

and thanks selfexplanatory. i like your name too.

thanks meggers

Thanks slutslider, I like the name :-)

meggers i was saying good luck with selfexpanatory's situation. i definitely do NOT want you to burn in hell and your comments are fine.

I agree sax, you are correct, thanks man!

A perfect world would be boring, its our imperfections that make us interesting!

Good luck!!!!!

Yeah that's something that I forget a lot...

Thanks Tumblin'...I don't think it's really you f****d up girls, it's my attitude or lack thereof.

Us girls can be f****d up. The nice guys i passed up when I was younger, to be with losers, who treated me bad. My father was an alchoholic so that is where I think I developed my attraction for addicts who treated me bad. Better luck Sid!!!!! I'm rooting for you!!!!!!!

Thanks meggers, it's all about what you find attractive, not what other people think

Thanks Elle, you are always full of positivity and good advice...Thanks Minky, I really want to come check it out...glad your back! Oh and you answered your own question LOL...women want to go do a bunch of crazy naughty guys and then marry me when they've had their fun?....SCREW THAT!!!! LOL

Yeah being nice can be a pain in the *** for guys. It is not attractive to most women. Nearly all women say they like nice guys but it's not true, it's just the PC answer LOL

aughhhh!! sorry to hear that man. I've gone a lot longer than that if it's any consolation LOL

Yeah I think you're right Humdinger...I'm really interested in meaningful sex...not necessarily that I'm going to spend my life with this person, but that we like each other and have a nice attraction.

Hey, Self, good for you sticking up for yourself here. Ain't nothing like the real thing, and a whole lot of people are going to go through stretches where they don't have the real thing.<br />
<br />
I went through a stretch longer than I want to remember, where what I wanted was that peak experience of making love with someone I was crazy about. Short of that, I love bodies, I love sex, and I was ready to find what was beautiful, hot, satisfying in any number of people.<br />
<br />
What I've never been able to take is what I call diddling - both people kind of check out and go into their own private fantasy worlds while diddling each other. When I've experienced that, I could be anybody and my partner could be anybody - we're just a notch above party dolls and vibrators because we have pulses. Yuk. I don't know many things that feel worse.<br />
<br />
If we can't look each other in the eye and kiss, we shouldn't be having sex - that's how I look at it.

Oh you BA-A-A-A-AD People! I DO NOT have a sheep fetish! ;)

HAHAHAH...LOL..Thanks Celainn, I couldn't agree more :- )

Not yet, still workin' on it :-)

Just checking in to see if things have gotten better for you... giggle

I'm really sorry I posted this now...I use this site to air out things that I would not ordinarily in public...ya'll are seeming to love that I'm lonely and that's fine but you should really just not comment unless you have something interesting to say.

Does the neighbors have any sheep??!!

not gonna do that, I can look at **** online to satisfy what you girls are talking about...I want a warm body not my hand.

Guess you could try a hotline!!!

If I'm gonna look I might as well look for the real thing huh?

Guess you'll have to start looking...

I don't have anyone to try the phone thing with...

hhhmmmm... try the phone thing for now. I bet it would work for you. At least kill the craving.

Thanks Nat, appreciate the thought!

Wish I could help you out, but I'm far from Texas! lol Good luck :)