Take Me Now

Sex is wonderful but the act itself isn't always necessary... I love to write stories about it, stories that when you read them it gives you a visual and you are almost there. Of course these most always lead to self gratification but exploring me, myself and I allows me to be with whomever I imagine is there.

Touching, tasting, feeling myself in such a provocative way that I send chills through my body... pretending it is you, with me, touching me, tasting me, ******* me, taking me to places of no return. Make me want you, give me something to always remember you. I want to see/hear that something and it leaves a smile on my face as I think of you, us, together, enjoying one another. Take me now... take me and enjoy and allow me to enjoy and fulfill your every need, want, desire. Let me be yours for just a day... to hug you, touch you, love you... as I softly whisper your name, calling, wishing you were here with me...


This is what does it for me... :)

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5 Responses Jun 29, 2007

Beautiful story, I like it. As far as self-gratification goes, don't feel bad about that- all normal people engage in Self-Pleasure from time to time. It's our body, we own it, and there's nothing wrong with making ourselves feel good about it. In fact, I may just do that today, lol. Have you ever "shared the experience" with a man? I've shared with a woman and found it wonderfully erotic.

The mental picture of you touching and tasting yourself, is hot. I have one where she moistens her nipples<br />
with her own honey before I.........

As though..at times...your light burns ...inner thoughts...fueled...a nocternal goddess awakened..lost and slayned from the fury of desires and bound relentless for if outspoken....energies held content are no more. Run it.

Very nice...I didn't know you could talk like that. :-)

YES! - take me know!